Peer Review Policy

Journal of value creating in Business Management(JVCBM), uses double-blind peer review to review manuscripts. So that the reviewers do not know the author's identity and vice versa. The editorial team tries to announce the first response to the coresponder author within three months at most.

reviewers’ responsibilities  


  • Confidentiality of article information must be observed in all areas. The article review process is to be done anonymously.
  • Reviewers should judge articles at the appropriate time and assist the editorial team in deciding whether or not to accept the article.
  • The referees' suggestions regarding the published articles should be submitted in the form of judging forms and in the comment section for the author and editor.
  • Reviewers should refrain from judging articles with conflict of interest and report any conflict of interest as soon as possible.
  • Reviewers' judgments about the quality and content of articles should be based on professional and objective opinions.

Peer Review Process

From the moment the article is received on the website until it is published, the paper will go through different stages as per the following order:

A- The initial review stage (5-10 Days)

At this stage, articles with the proper structure based on the "Article Editing Guide" are sent to the editorial board of the journal for review. At this point, articles with the appropriate scientific content which are consistent with the aim and scope of the journal, will be initially approved and the editorial board a will select a reviewer of their peers for them. Articles that go through the review process are referred to the author to pay the review fee. This process usually takes between 5 to 10 days.

B- The Review stage (1-3 months)

The articles that have been approved in the previous stage, after paying the review fee, are sent to at least two reviewers who have an opinion on the subject of the article, and after the review, articles are divided into one of the three categories according to the outcome of the review:

1. Articles that need no correction and can be published as they are;

2. Articles that can be published after revisions based on reviewer's comments;

3. Articles that are not publishable.

Obviously, the first category articles will be published immediately after paying the admission and publishing fee. The second category will be sent to the article's main author in order to get revised according to reviewer's comments, and non-printable articles will be removed from the publication path while informing the author of the article. This stage usually takes 1 to 3 months.

C- The Revision stage (15-20 Days)

At this stage, the author or authors of the article must make revisions based on the reviews within a maximum of 15 days from the date of receiving the article or explain their reasons for not needing revisions through the journal website. An article may need to be revised two or three times before its content is deemed acceptable by the journal editors. After the revisions are approved by the editors, the article is referred to the author for payment of admission and publication fee.

D- The final acceptance stage

After revising the article based on the reviewer's comments or providing sufficient reasons for not needing revisions, and paying the admission and publication fee, the article will be put in the publication queue and a written letter about the final acceptance and publication of the article will be sent to the author.

E- Publish the article 

After acceptance, the article will be sent to the editor and page designer. After that, the authors will receive the final version of the article for Galley Proof. The waiting time for publishing the article depends on the number of accepted articles. After publishing, all articles in PDF and XML formats can be downloaded for free on the website.